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Since 1970s, Pacific Lab Services provides - indisputably - one of the best services in the Animal and Human Nutrition Analysis to global clientele and partners. We aspire to be a worldclass organisation renowned for excellence, values and commitment to our partners.

With a strong history and experience of decades,
we aim to continuously live The Pacific Lab Way, the 

The strong brand value and trusted services of Pacific Lab Services comes from our vast experience of more than 47 years. Pacific Lab was established in early 1970's and since then we have always been known to be the most sophisticated and best equipped laboratory in the region.

Our dedicated team of staff comprises of high-calibre laboratory specialists dedicated in our commitment to provide expert ingredient lab analysis in veterinary, pharmaceutical, industrial, chemical, food and related products.

Pacific Lab has more than 100 years of combined staff experience and our team is known for Reliability in Speed and Accuracy of Results. Our laboratory testing services include human food and animal feed microbiology, analysis, safety and chemical tests on spices, sauces, beverages, biscuits, as well as potency tests on pharmaceutical and industrial chemicals.

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