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Pacific Lab Microbial Enumeration Test Meets International Standards

Pacific Lab Services is pleased to announce that our
Microbiology Laboratory passed the proficiency tests conducted by the
LGC Standards, UK.

Microbiology Lab Testing Microbial Enumeration

As high accuracy of test results is our priority, Pacific Lab Services continues to validate our tests protocols, machines, equipments and lab technicians by regularly enrolling in proficiency tests for decades. Self-Improvement is a part of our promise in providing the best for our partners, we go through regular, rigorous accreditation process. This year, we enrolled in the Food Microbiology (QMS) proficiency test round 257, which started in September 2017.

Food samples contaminated with known amount of microbes were prepared by the LGC Standards and sent to us on the first week of September. The information regarding the amount of microbes was kept confidential by the LGC Standards until one week after the test period was over.

We were asked to perform enumeration of the following microbes: Total aerobic mesophilic, Coliforms, Enterobacteriaceae, Escherichia coli, Yeast, Mould, Yeast&Mould, Lactic acid bacteria and identification for presence or absence of Salmonella. Tests were carried out using 3M petrifilm and FDA BAM conventional methods. Both methods were done in parallel. We submitted the test results back to the LGC Standards within one week after the samples reached our office.

The performance of the laboratory in terms of accuracy is indicated by Z-score that measures if the microbial amount counted by the laboratory is close to those of LGC Standards's sample. The performance analysis done by the LGC Standards shows that the Z-score of our laboratory falls in a satisfactory range, which means that our microbial enumeration test is highly accurate and meets international standards.


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