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News | November 2017

3M Sustainability Program Award 2017

Pacific Lab Services has enrolled in the 2017 3M Petrifilm Sustainability Program which aims to save water, reduce waste and provide significant reductions in environmental impacts.

This year, we could potentially save an estimated amount of 16,380 liters of water, reduce solid waste by 468 kilograms, eliminate the CO2 emission from one typical passenger vehicle driving 12,636 kilometers, and conserve enough energy to power 242,112 of 60W light bulbs for one hour.

As a result of this effort, Pacific Lab Services earned the PLATINUM AWARD for Outstanding Sustainability Achievement in Singapore from 3M Food Safety Department.

The Award was presented on November 20, 2017 at the 3M Food Safety Sustainability Seminar in Bangkok, Thailand.

By using our renowned laboratory services, you will be part of this program that helps save water, reduce waste and CO2 emissions thereby keeping the world green and clean.

 3M Sustainability Program Award 2017

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