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Testing the Nutritional Value of Fruit Juices

Are fruit juices really healthy?

This is the question CNA Insider tries to answer in a Talking Point segment where they seek to find which type of juice gives the highest nutritional value—handmade, cold-pressed, or store bought?

CNA Insider tapped Pacific Lab Services to test the Vitamin C and Total Sugar content of the three types of fruit juices, hoping to understand which one is the healthiest. For the experiment, we were provided with handmade, cold-pressed, or store-bought orange juice each in 250mL.

Testing the Total Sugar content showed that the difference among the three types weren’t significant, on average, having four to five teaspoons of sugar in each 250mL. This amounts to about 50% of our sugar allowance per day.

Pacific Lab also tested the Vitamin C content of each type. Vitamin C is not a stable nutrient as it’s very sensitive to light, heat, and oxygen. How much of the nutrient is preserved depends on the preparation of the juice, because even exposure to oxygen can affect the loss of Vitamin C.

The test analysis showed that the homemade orange juice had the highest amount of Vitamin C, followed by cold-pressed and store-bought orange juice, respectively.

amaount of sugar in orange juice amount of vitamin c in orange juice

Lab Testing Services for Juices and Other Food & Beverages

Aside from fruit juices, Pacific Lab Services can also test the nutritional content of other beverages.

In fact, as an accredited laboratory under ISO 17025, Pacific Lab Services has the capacity to provide nutritional testing needs to the food and beverage industry. Among its services include chemical and microbiological analyses.

The food categories covered by our services include beverages, food supplements, meat and meat products, milk and dairy products, cocoa products, sweeteners, and egg and egg-based products among others.

Pacific Lab Services provides food and beverage laboratory testing services for the following areas:

  • Microbiological analyses
  • Inorganic contaminants
  • Food preservatives
  • Vitamins and nutrients

The full Recognition Schedule can be viewed here.

If you need safety or nutrient testing services for your food and beverage products, reach out to us for enquiries.


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