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Heavy Metals Contamination – How PacLab Can Help

Heavy Cadmium Contamination

In a media release published on 30th June, 2022 by the Singapore Food Agency (SFA), a well-known fish products dealer was singled out by SFA to have its seafood products being contaminated by heavy cadmium metal levels that have fell short of the minimum food safety requirements, and has been directed to recall the implicated products.

This, and several related incidents do bring home the importance of instituting highly comprehensive food safety measures that emphasise on the importance of regular food testing procedures needed to be undertaken for all fresh food producers out there for the sake of safeguarding your corporate reputation and the health safety of your customers.

Are your businesses facing a dilemma of lacking the necessary food testing resources? Are you concerned about protecting the reputation of your organisations? If so, you are not alone and here’s what and how PacLab Pte Ltd (PacLab) can help you navigate and overcome all your food safety challenges.

Introducing our PacLab’s much touted Chemical Analysis Test Laboratory  Services. Why engage PacLab as your most trusted partner? PacLab, a well-established testing services organisation, has been in this laboratory testing business for several decades since 1971. As a trusted and reliable laboratory testing organisation, PacLab offers a diversified range of signature laboratory testing services, including heavy metal testing which are highly sought after and could prevent similar incidents such as the  latest heavy cadmium metals contamination highlighted in that 30th June SFA media release.

So, why wait? Do pick up the telephone, write, or simply chat with any of our  PacLab service specialists on how we can help you safeguard and protect the integrity and food safety reputations of your organisations.


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