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Benzoic Acid-Tainted Food? Hurry! Get All Your Testing Done At PacLab

Benzoic Acid Tainted Food


Worried over Benzoic Acid-tainted food, especially after recent reports of food manufacturers having found to have higher-than normal amounts of this food additive in their food products.

Not to worry! At Pacific Lab Services (PacLab), a renowned Singapore Food Agency (SFA) accredited laboratory services company headquartered in Singapore, and is an ISO/IEC 17025|SAC-SINGLAS certified entity, with more than 40 years in the laboratory testing services fields, we are more than capable and have the necessary expertise and recommended testing services for everything you can think of, including Benzoic Acid detection.


So, think no more! Hurry! With the increased regulatory oversight on the quality of our local food produce by the authorities, there is no better time to get your food testing requirements done by PacLab! We have the expertise, skills, and our world-class certifications certainly qualifies us to bring you the best quality testing services that you need for your food products.

For more information, head to our list of testing services and you’ll be assured of our PacLab’s testing quality excellence!

Meanwhile, stay healthy and safe everyone!

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