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Are you confident that your raw materials, production facilities and finished goods are pathogen-free?

Pacific Lab Services can test it for you.

Pacific Lab was established in 1971 and since then, we have always been known to be the most sophisticated and best equipped laboratory in the region. We are equipped with the State-of-the-Art Scientific Laboratory Equipments, using the Latest Cutting-Edge Technologies.

We perform Highly-Accurate Checks and Count for a wide variety of microbes such as; E.coli, Lactic acid bacteria, Yeast, Mold, Bacillus, Listeria, Staphylococcus, Salmonella. These tests will help you to ensure cleanliness of your raw materials, production facilities and finished goods to meet the requirements of the authority.

We are offering you a FREE trial of microbial tests for up to 5 samples.

This limited-time only offer is worth more than SGD$175.
* We reserve the right not to accept any more free trials at our discretion
* This offer is valid for one redemption per company only

To redeem this limited offer, please email us at and quote "Free Petrifilm microbial count trial". We will send you the sample submission form and instruction.

The turn-around time of this service is 3-7 business days.


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